The Manitoba Cutting Horse Association was founded in 1964.  It is affiliated with the Canadian Cutting Horse Association (CCHA) and the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA).  The MCHA continues to strive to promote the sport of cutting, increase exposure to cutting here in Manitoba and increase its profile.



Does your horse have what it takes to cut?

Come find out by registering for our 'Never Cut Before' class. Entry fee is ONLY $25.00!




New Class for 2019: $1,000 NOVICE RIDER


- Entry fee ONLY $50.00!

- Must get a CCHA, MHC, and MCHA membership (can be purchased at the time of the show)

- Can ride ANY horse and do not need to own the horse you show

- Show in 60% of the MCHA shows to be eligible for the CCHA Bronze Trophy

- May ride one handed or two but must stick with which ever you choose. If a rider starts with two hands, they must show their horses with two hands throughout the entire run and they will not incur any reining penalties. If a rider goes in with one hand, they must ride the entire class 1 handed. They will not incur any penalties if they rein unless they put a second hand on the rein(s)


For a list of all classes offered by the MCHA, check out our Class List 




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Manitoba Cutting Horse Association
Manitoba Cutting Horse Association