Does your horse have what it takes to cut?

Come find out by registering for our 'Never Cut Before' class. Entry fee is ONLY $25.00!




New Class for 2019: $1,000 NOVICE RIDER


- Entry fee ONLY $50.00!

- Must get a CCHA, MHC, and MCHA membership (can be purchased at the time of the show)

- Can ride ANY horse and do not need to own the horse you show

- Show in 60% of the MCHA shows to be eligible for the CCHA Bronze Trophy

- May ride one handed or two but must stick with which ever you choose. If a rider starts with two hands, they must show their horses with two hands throughout the entire run and they will not incur any reining penalties. If a rider goes in with one hand, they must ride the entire class 1 handed. They will not incur any penalties if they rein unless they put a second hand on the rein(s)


For a list of all classes offered by the MCHA, check out our Class List 




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Manitoba Cutting Horse Association
Manitoba Cutting Horse Association