Here are the Cutters who enjoyed a great day at Bird’s Hill Park.

Congratulations to Kristen and Joe on their new Cutting Horse! 

And a big welcome to our new members Ashley and Katie who joined us for their first Cutting!  

Thank you to everyone who made our Cutting Demonstration at The Morris Stampede a success this past weekend!

Our cowboy hats go off to Mr. Glen Brown!

Here is a photo of Glen explaining what the rider and horse are doing on the mechanical cow. His AWEDIENCE was in AWE!

The bleachers extended to the right and were full too!

See more photos in the photo section. 





Thank you Robert and Jody Krentz

for making this possible!

Thank you also to:

Brenda McQueen & Garry Gerbrandt

Glen & Amy Brown 

for hosting our first 2 Clinics on the Flag!


Congratulations to the individuals who participated in the Introduction to Cattle clinic hosted by Robert & Jody Krentz.  It is their generosity that is making our free Intro Class possible this year as they are providing the cattle at no charge!
Their time and efforts on Mother’s Day was greatly appreciated by all of our new Cutters!  Robert worked everyone on the flag and then on cattle and Jody turned back all afternoon.  We had Cutters out to help and even a Roper!  Everyone did great including all of the riders and horses that had never been around cattle!
We think the biggest smile after being on cattle came from Shelby who is 9 years old!  Jody had the pleasure of helping Shelby in the herd and Shelby is still talking about how much fun she had!  Great to have you with us Shelby!
We look forward to seeing everyone at our first show of the season this weekend May 20 and 21, 2023 at Evergreen Land and Cattle.  See the Show Notice in the Upcoming Events section.
Robert and Jody are not charging for cattle for the Intro Class all season.  And the MCHA is not charging entry fees for this class either.  What a wonderful opportunity to keep practising and learning in show conditions 😊
Please email to advise that you will be entering in the Intro Class.  Please arrive at 12 Noon and the show starts at 1 PM.  Western attire at a show is requested please.  A long sleeve western shirt, jeans and a cowboy hat or helmet.  If you don’t have a hat don’t worry as we will make exceptions. 
We look forward to seeing you all there!



 It’s time to meet the Cows!

All Welcome!  No Charge!
This is a continuation of our Intro to Cutting 
classroom session and flag work.
Sunday May 14th 2023
1 PM
Evergreen Land & Cattle
Krentz’s - Pansy MB
This is a wonderful opportunity to get comfortable on cattle in preparation for our first show on May 20th.  
Remember:  There is no charge for the Intro Class this year.
This is a fun way to get started in Cutting!
Please text if you have any questions or need directions.
Please confirm your attendance by text.
See you on Sunday!



A Successful Intro to Cutting!

A big welcome to those who attended our

Intro to Cutting classroom session!

 Participants enjoyed a very informative presentation with videos on April 16th which explained: 

*the basics of Cutting



*starting your horse on the flag

*on cattle

*how a Cutting is judged and more

If you missed the session and would like to catch up please let us know.

The Introduction to the Flag session is on Sunday April 23rd, 2023 at 1 PM at:

Rocking Q Ranch (Indoor Arena on #7 Hwy Yard 79066 - North of the Stonewall turn off - on the West side)

If you are interested in Cutting and participating in our free Intro Class this Season please join us! 

Let's get you on the flag a few times before the free "It's MOO Time" Intro to Cattle Clinic on May 14th

Please call / text / email for more information and to confirm attendance.  We hope to see you there!

Janie:  204-479-1740  /  MCHA@BASSTEL.COM


 Welcome to The Manitoba Cutting Horse Association

 Thank you for stopping in!

We would love to share our passion for the sport of Cutting with you.


We have some exciting news to share!

For the first time in Cutting history 😊 we will be offering a FREE CLASS! This class will be for ANYONE who would like to learn more about Cutting, come to our shows and participate at no cost. This is casual, it's fun, it's free and it's for everyone. You'll have a "Buddy" who is an experienced Cutter that you can count on to help you every step of the way. We'll get you comfortable working the flag and then progress to working a cow.  You'll learn that if you're "leaking" your jeans aren't really wet! It's a Cutting term you'll get to know 😁  And this is also a wonderful opportunity for those of you who have a bit of experience (won less than $500 in Cutting). 

The F Class not only stands for free it stands for FUN! Give any of us a call or text and we'll make you feel like family and introduce you to a great sport and a group of really nice people. No pressure unless you want to use your cow side leg. See! The fun is starting already!

You can contact me or any of our Directors found on the About MCHA heading or any of our members. Or use our contact form. Our Season Opener May 4-7 is a great time to come out and watch. Hope to hear from you soon!   

Janie 204-479-1740



The email below has been sent to those who have already contacted us. Please email MCHA@BASSTEL.COM if you are also interested!


Hello Everyone!


This email is being sent to the individuals who expressed interest in getting involved in our exciting sport of Cutting!


First off - thank you for contacting us! We are very pleased for the opportunity to share our passion, our knowledge, our flag, our cattle and our FUN! 


And Cutting is so much fun!  


Here are the free events we are planning to do in April and May to familiarize everyone with Cutting. 



An informal forum at Peppercorn’s Restaurant  in Oakbank. A chance for everyone to meet. Then an informative session where we will go over the basics of:


  • Cutting
  • Flag Work
  • Rules
  • Getting started


WORKING THE FLAG - APRIL DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED  Starting off slow by working the flag in an indoor arena.


Flag work is important to teach your horse to follow the flag. Stop when it stops and wait for the flag to move and pull your horse through their turn.


It is controlled and starting slow is key. This gives your horse (and you 😊) time to relax and get comfortable.


Several flag sessions will be offered prior to working cattle.



Introducing your horse to cattle at Robert & Jody Krentz’s Evergreen Land & Cattle in Pansy (South of Steinbach) 


Everyone will be coached individually depending on you and your horse’s comfort level. This is an opportunity to get a cow out of the herd and do what we practised on the flag. And we’re there to help you every step of the way. If the cow goes back to the herd it doesn’t matter. We’ll just help you get another one out! Or you may work a cow in the round pen in a circle. You’ll get the feel of what it’s like to keep up to a cow and learn to control them. We’ll help you pick a slower cow that gives you and your horse more time.


Every time you work the flag or cattle both you and your horse will gain confidence!


Our Season Opener May 4/5 and 6/7 is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Cutting.



There is a class that we are doing especially for you! There is no charge. You can two hand and rein your horse to help them along. This is a no pressure class that is for fun and experience. And this class is being held at every one of our shows!


Please reply to MCHA@BASSTEL.COM  to let us know if you will be attending the Intro session on Sunday April 16th. Everyone is most welcome to attend! Feel free to forward this email.


We look forward to seeing the big smile on your face when you make a great move on the flag or a cow!





Please note:  We are responsibly conscious of biosecurity and proof of vaccination is required to participate in MCHA events.



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